The low impact is the great advantage of elliptical but we find many others:

When standing, the bone structure is enhanced thereby help maintain bone density.
Very easy to learn.
Working the upper body getting a complete workout.
Improves the cardiovascular system to be an aerobic exercise.
Perfect for losing weight avoiding joint injuries.
Perfect for injury rehabilitation where the impact should be minimized.
Also this machine should not be exclusive in our preparation or program, but we must consider the impacts are those that help strengthen our bones, so the tape or walking will be suitable for people with bone problems, provided when the impact is not harmful, or that we might aggravate our injuries have low bone density.

With the elliptical in principle should have no problem, but above all you should be to contact a professional and analyze your daily business, both your exercise as your activity on working life as to be 1h doing elliptical week 168 hours is not going to make you a hernia worse, however, have a few bad habits of postural hygiene in your daily life, by sitting, holding weights, etc. They may make worse the disc is played.

If you’re good at swimming, it might be a good idea, although the technique must be correct, but have more risk than benefit, and the bike I try to avoid it by position often adopted above it by removing the anatomical curvature of the back.

I hope I have helped you, get in the hands of a professional and probably observe as your improvement activity and the risk decreases.

You prefer as aerobic exercise: Elliptical or tape ?, what is your preference? Leave your comment !!