Kettler Decathlon Elliptical Machine Review


A while ago I bought an elliptical bike because they suggested they were good for their low impact to the knees. I chose the SP SB 309 because he had heard that Kettler was an excellent manufacturer. Well there is no truth in that. Cost: 549.00 Decathlon (excluding shipping charges) -The assembly is crooked and that I have much experience riding things (computers, Ikea type furniture, bicycles … all from 0 ) –

The manual illustrations are very small and sometimes result in error. Tools that brings the box slightly larger than the pieces fall to tighten and hand constantly do some strength. -The quality of the trim is terrible. They are black plastic that are fastened with screws in plan ‘screws’, let that come as if they were wood. Then passed thread (logical) and can not be removed. Well after a few hours I try mounting it and going great.

Quiet and very functional. Until it was compatible with a Polar heart rate monitor that I had long ago. So that was needed to put the sensor to bring the machine to the ear (which counts the pulses) which is a little uncomfortable. All well until three days later. Started make a very annoying ride. Creaked like an old door.

Total I’m pretty hands and decided to look for a problem. After tinkering enough, I realize that the tube holding hands sticks to the base is responsible for the noise. He dismounted and I realize that the tube that receives a lot of wear NO is lubricated. Also one of the big screws tightening, due to the constant torque had stuck the washer, and the washer while he had merged with PVC washer. And the result a little less noise. As the damage was done in the tube and that is irreparable. I processed the return. We’ll see what happens. Of course it is a hidden defect entirely attributable to the Kettler home. And I will tell as just this.