You can express your love, care and affection to your baby very conveniently through massage. Massaging can soothe your baby and make the baby to sleep well.

Massaging has many extra ordinary benefits for your baby. It promotes digestion, improves weight gain, diminishes teething and promotes blood circulation. It is also a wonderful way for you and your partner to have a string bond with your baby and you observe it feeling relaxed.

In many ways baby massage can help your baby in following ways,

• The baby develops physically, mentally and socially
• The baby remains relaxed and will not get upset
• The baby will create less fuss and cry
• The baby will have sound sleep

It was also found that newborns can get recover from jaundice very quickly through massaging. As a parent you will also feel empowered when you massage your baby. Thus it lifts your mood also. The time you allocate for massaging is actually a special time for you to be with your baby, to chat joyously and spend plenty of time eye contact with her.

Massage the baby can help the mums to come out of postnatal depression, or to come out of risk of depression.

Baby massage done by dads also yields lot of benefits. It create more time of contact with the baby for the father and make them come close together. The father may get relaxed is he is stressed after doing the massaging for his baby.

• Massaging is of great benefit for premature babies also that includes,
• promote weight gain,
• stable heart rate,
• calm response when there is stress and pain for the baby
• Stabilize the brain activity

Premature babies can go home sooner with their families if they are massaged regularly.