Reasons for High Blood Pressure and ways of lowering it



In recent years, high blood pressure is becoming as one of the most common illness among many of us and is very synonymous with hypertension in people. One major reason is due to change in life style pattern and there has been a rising living costs causing too much of stress among people to keep earning more and more and run after money a lot. High Blood Pressure(H.B.P) is a very risky one as it is directly linked to causing heart ailments and not just that prolonged high b.p when not reduced can affects other parts of the body such as kidney, liver, spleen and many more as that sort which are highly needed for effective bodily functioning.


The popular causes or reasons for H.B.P

– lack of proper sleep or insomnia, actually this is reason for most of the health problems

– too much of hypertension and stress due to improper work life balance

– lack of physical exercise and fitness

– irregular eating habits, obesity and intake of excess fried or junk foods

– taking too much of pills, especially birth control or pregnancy pills by women that either lower or excessively stimulate hormones on their body

– hereditary, this is unavoidable and among women this can be seen a lot, when mother or grandmother has a h.b.p problem the same can be seen in her daughter or grand daughter.


Some of the ways of lowering high blood pressure and hypertension,

– Get enough sleep and this can happen by including foods in diet can cause good sleep

– Brisk walks in morning and enough exercise that makes you sweat a lot and stay fit

– Eat lots of fruits, especially fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables

– Travelling to places, meeting new people and socialize a lot, this is something that reduces hypertension due to sedentary life style pattern.